Phillip Hunter

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Successful design is finding the right ways to enable people to act effectively, to understand concepts and information clearly, and ultimately to lead better lives.

An Introduction

Designing one half of intended experiences challenges and invigorates me. While technology and the business of creating products are good things, it's really the enjoyment and satisfaction I see as someone smiles as they learn, do something, or relax because of something well-designed, that makes it all worthwhile.

I've spent 21 years in the technology world, 15 of it in design. During that time I've created desktop, mobile, and over-the-phone applications, and built and run teams for the same. My design journey started at a medium size company, where I actually introduced the idea of a user-centered design process and grew the team from 3 to 14, including a usability lab.

From there I spent 6 years in the start-up world, helping 3 companies get going. All three have been successful. Before arriving at Microsoft, I also spent time as an independent consultant, working on geographically dispersed project teams.


After years of hands-on, collaborative, and management work, I'm able to both synthesize what I've learned into unique perspectives on problems and potential solutions, as well as move easily between detailed design work and high-level envisioning.

At this point in my career, for companies that embrace design, I can...

...find the intersections where good design and good business meet to create great products and services.

...motivate and guide teams to ask good questions, find real problems to solve, and create great UX work. with organizational leaders to develop strategy, then translate it to effective tactics. comfortably in all parts of the design process to produce system level and detailed designs across many channels, domains, and modes.

...interact comfortably at multiple levels and in multiple types of organizations.